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North Dakota’s Century Code expanded by Senate Bill 2373



Bismarck, North Dakota – With regard to the creation of the classification for counties that are favorable to livestock, Senate Bill 2373 seeks to include a new section into the North Dakota Century Code.

According to Senate Bill 2373, the commissioner may designate a county as being “livestock-friendly,” recognizing and supporting efforts to grow, maintain, or expand the livestock sector there. A county could apply to the commissioner under this measure to be recognized as a county that welcomes cattle.

“The commissioner shall designate a county as a livestock-friendly county based on that county’s efforts to maintain or expand it’s livestock sector,” said State Senator Robert Erbele.

If a county satisfies five requirements, including having its board of county commissioners adopt and enact a resolution expressing interest, then the county is qualified to submit an application. Additionally, they must have finished research identifying potential areas for rural economic growth. This, according to Erbele, offers the residents of our counties a voice in what they desire. “It allows the communities to actually get out there and discuss and say what do we want in our backyard and what’s missing and how do we go about doing that,” added Erbele.

During the committee hearing on Friday, February 3, the proposal received strong support. This law, according to a representative from the North Dakota Agriculture Department, will aid in our state catching up to those that are far ahead of us.

“A lot of what you see on here is that we don’t have a standard throughout the state,” stated North Dakota Department of Agriculture Deputy Commissioner Tom Bodine. “Some areas have made it more restrictive for animal agriculture to exist, especially on the large scal.,”

This bill was approved by the Agriculture and Veterans Affairs Committee with no disagreements and has been scheduled for consideration on the Senate floor.

Visit the website of the North Dakota Legislative Branch to view this bill as well as numerous others.