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North Dakota USPS mail service suspensions



North Dakota – Several locations in North Dakota claim to not be receiving mail at the moment. This is due to the fact that the USPS has ceased delivery in parts of five states, including North Dakota.

Due to the weather, 20 postal service activities were suspended, and some have yet not resumed. Due to the recent blizzard, USPS shut down roughly 200 facilities and stopped making deliveries.

There are still activities in large cities including Minot, Bismarck, Williston, and Dickinson. Even while the weather has improved, more remote towns like Havana, Selfridge, and Zeeland are still closed.

“It does feel like an excuse a little bit. I mean today I’m wearing a hoodie, it feels nice today in comparison to what we’ve seen before. When we look up online, we did the ‘stay informed’ signed up to see what we’re supposed to be getting, and that is what it states, that they’ve shut down our route due to weather. And so, I came in here to pick up the mail. The teller said that there was no mail to be picked up,” said Joshua Hernandez, a Minot resident.

If you don’t clear snow and ice off sidewalks, mailboxes, and pathways leading to your property, letter carriers may pass it by, according to post office officials.