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North Dakota

North Dakota Senate defeats ‘cigar bar’ bill



BISMARCK  – The North Dakota Senate has rejected a bill that would have permitted “cigar bars.”

Mandan Republican Sen. Doug Larsen argued in favor of the bill.

“This, to me, is about freedom for the customer and freedom for the entrepreneur” Larsen said.

“It could certainly be argued that the employees would again have to partake in second-hand smoke, but I again would say that they are free to work there, or to not.  If you don’t like cigar smoke, I’d suggest that you don’t go to a cigar bar or lounge.”

Opponents said it would be an erosion of the state’s Indoor Clean Air Act, which bans smoking in public places.

The bill failed on a vote of 24 to 23. It had earlier passed the House on a 48 to 45 vote.