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North Dakota opens a new state office to take advantage of the petroleum sector and encourage economic growth



Fargo, North Dakota – The state of North Dakota is establishing a new office with the dual goals of fostering economic development and making the most of the state’s abundant energy resources, according to the state’s commissioner of commerce.

“We said there needs to be kind of a centralized place for whose going to be the go-to energy experts, you know for the state, that’s going to pull in industry stakeholders,” said Josh Tiegen.

The new “Energy and Economic Coordination Office” is the topic of Tiegen’s discussion. In order to progress the state’s energy plan, Tiegen claims that the office will enable sector experts to collaborate with North Dakota’s energy producers.

“The biggest thing is that coordination and collaboration piece. We want to do really deep dives with all the energy sectors, whether that’s wind, solar, oil and gas, Lignite, hydrogen,” said Tiegen.