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North Dakota

North Dakota late-season hunting possibilities



Bismarck, North Dakota – There are still many options for late-season hunting even with snow on the ground and cooler weather. North Dakota Outdoors’ episode this week features an explanation from Mike Anderson.

There will be plenty of late-season hunting possibilities in North Dakota before the upland game hunting season ends on January 1, 2023.

“We have pheasants and grouse and partridge. Still plenty of them out there to be had, and portions of state certainly have a fair amount of snow on the landscape, but if you plan accordingly, it’s certainly some opportunities out there. So there are some different refuges that open up for late season upland game hunting opportunities,” said Bill Haase, NDGF assistant wildlife division chief.

As fall transitions into winter, waterfowl hunting presents another fantastic opportunity.

“Of course, a lot of our sloughs are frozen, but the Missouri River System, Nelson Lake, there’s some places that stay open late into fall. And so, those areas concentrate a lot of the Canada geese and some mallards at times. And so, it’s often field hunting opportunities that we’re talking about. And depending how deep the snow gets and how cold the weather becomes; they’ll stick around often well into December,” said Haase.

There are also some opportunities if you’re looking to harvest a deer in the late season.

“Archery season is open until January 1st in late season, especially with the winter we’re having already congregate deer at times and can be some great hunting opportunities for folks that want to get out there,” said Haase.

Late-season opportunities for trapping and hunting furbearers are also present.

“I saw a lot of coyotes on the landscape. Unfortunately, fur prices are down a little bit. But with that, the competition is down as well so that’s a great opportunity for folks to get out and coyote hunt if that’s something they’re interested in. We do have mountain lions here in North Dakota and there’s a season for that. Check our website, we have two different zones, and they may be open all the way into March, possibly, depending on if the quotas are filled,” said Haase.

If you intend to hunt in the late season, you must be weather-ready.

“Let somebody know where you’re at before you leave. Have plenty of extra clothes and warm clothes in your vehicle,” said Haase.

Visit the Game and Fish Department’s “Where to Hunt” page at for more information on late-season hunting prospects.