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North Dakota

North Dakota animals are suffering due to the drought



North Dakota – There were a few sprinkles, but not everyone in the neighborhood witnessed them. Therefore, conditions in our northern counties are still fairly dry.

However, drought has an impact on both people and animals.

According to an NDSU extension agent, as water evaporates from our surface-level ponds, salts, and minerals become more concentrated and become harmful to cattle.

“We encourage producers to test their water regularly so partially if they have had poor water quality in previous years and previous droughts definitely be checking that again. If they have some poor doing cattle or unthrifty looking cattle, test those water sources and their pastures to see if they are in levels of TDS or sulfates,” said Paige Brummund, the NDSU extension agent.

Additionally, Brummund advised getting your water analyzed if it comes from a well.