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New Year’s fitness resolutions



Bismarck, North Dakota – In 2024, a lot of people in North Dakota will resolve to get in shape for the New Year. However, studies done by Planet Fitness show that more than 40% of them will abandon their goal in less than a month. This raises the question: Is there a method to support folks who set resolutions to stick with them?

On New Year’s Day, the Williston Fire Department answers 11 calls.

What will motivate you to keep going to the gym is having a purpose for the desired changes, such as reducing health difficulties or being able to play with your grandchildren. Owner of Verge Fitness Dr. Aaron Moos advises asking oneself “why” before starting any new fitness regimen and stresses the importance of a realistic goal to stay committed to it.

Dr. Moos advises against coming here every day if that is your intention. Visit us three or four times a week, at most. That should be more than enough to help you achieve your goals, and it’s certainly better than what many people are doing at the moment. Setting realistic goals is, in my opinion, the key to avoiding feeling as though you’re falling short of them.

When it comes to fitness, Dr. Moos also says that sometimes you have to be a little self-centered and give yourself some alone time. After all, going to the gym is a time when you dedicate yourself to what’s best for your life.