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New south Fargo fire station construction is about to start



Fargo, North Dakota – A new fire station is about to open in South Fargo.

At a ceremony held at the future location of the new station, which will be on 3.5 acres at 6617 33rd Street S, Chief Steve Dirksen was accompanied by Mayor Tim Mahoney, Fire Liaison Commissioner Denise Kolpack, and others.

The region south of Rose Creek Coulee between the Red River and 42nd Street will be serviced by Fire Station 8.

In the last five years, that area has received roughly 1,900 service requests, according to Dirksen. 90 percent of the time, the response time for those calls is 10 minutes and 46 seconds.

According to our norms, that is unacceptable, Dirksen stated. “We want to respond to every emergency in every planning zone 90% of the time in six minutes and 20 seconds or less. We will be able to achieve that aim with the help of this station and this investment.

Public safety, according to Mahoney, is at the heart of the City’s obligation to its residents, and the new station will not only aid in response and safety but also in the expansion of the city.

“Investing in infrastructure can and does stimulate economic growth and development by creating jobs, improving property values in the surrounding area, and increasing development in the south side of Fargo,” Mahoney stated. “This will really help our community grow,”

The goal is to launch the station in the second quarter of 2024, according to Dirksen, though completion is dependent on weather and construction supply constraints.

The project’s funding will come from a $8.1 million bond that the City Commission passed last year.

At the moment, Station 2, which is situated at 30th Avenue and 25th Street South, serves the neighborhood. According to Dirksen, it is four miles and takes eight minutes to drive there from Davies High School. A three- to four-minute trip will separate Davies from Station 8, which is located 1.5 miles away.