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North Dakota

New options for planting, seeding precisely



Perhaps your father or grandfather planted with a John Deere 494A four-row planter, leading technology in its day. Or maybe he was one of the first to no-till with a six-row Allis-Chalmers planter with wide, 2-inch wavy no-till coulters. Either way, odds are good he wouldn’t recognize any of the equipment or accessories in this rundown of new products for seeding and planting. Yet once you explained their purpose, he would likely be the first to see the value in doing things differently than he did.

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Precision Planting is launching SmartDepth as an option for 2021. Coupled with a 20/20 monitor and SmartFirmers, it allows you to change planting depth on the go from the cab. The main basis for signaling when a change in depth might be necessary is soil moisture information provided by the SmartFirmers. Your father or grandfather might have a hard time getting the concept at first, but he will automatically see the value it brings to the table.

It might be harder to convince him you can plant up to 12 miles per hour with precision accuracy. Kinze joins the ranks of those offering a planter that can do this with the introduction of the Kinze 4905 with True Speed high-speed meters and seed delivery tubes.