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New closures due to road construction occurring near Fargo



Fargo, North Dakota – There will be several closed roads this week as a result of the ramping up and the new beginnings of numerous road construction projects.

The intersection of 25th St. and 32nd Ave. has once again been closed as part of the 32nd Ave. repair project.

Between 2nd St. S. and 6th Ave. S., 4th St. S. lanes will be narrowed and moved east starting today for about three weeks.

Additionally, there will be two stages of lane closures around 8th St. N for 3–4 blocks to perform watermain maintenance.

The I-29 and I-94 tri-level bridge renovation work in Fargo has started today as well.

According to Jeremy Gorden, transportation engineer for the City of Fargo, “we will bypass the watermains so people will have temporary water and then they’ll be replacing all of the underground pipes and putting in all new pipes and then new street pavement.”

Due to concerns about road buckling brought on by the rising heat, two routes close to the dump had to be blocked.

Roads and sidewalks are likely to give way when temperatures reach 90 to 95 degrees.

“It’s just the tremendous heat that creates it. Therefore, due to heat, everything expands and contracts. When concrete expands, it must go somewhere, and typically, the quickest place to go is up, adds Gorden.

The City of Fargo wants to encourage drivers to drive carefully in construction zones and to observe all posted signs and speed limits.

Please be aware that during peak hours there may be lane changes, lowered speed restrictions, and delays. “One tip I have is, just be patient and stay alert. When you see orange out there just know something ahead is about to change.” says Gorden.