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North Dakota

NDUS is thinking about adjusting a number of college president regulations, equalizing pay, improving housing options, and more



North Dakota – NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott is providing further information on the future adjustments that are being suggested for university presidents.

On Thursday, January 18, the Chancellor of the North Dakota University System had a conversation with the State Board of Higher Education regarding several matters concerning higher education throughout the state. Chancellor Hagerott made three proposals during the meeting: he wanted to extend the contracts with university presidents from the current yearly review to a three-year term, equalize college president salaries, and find housing for college presidents who do not have living quarters provided by the university.

“Things have been pretty boring, and I think the taxpayers should be proud about that.” said NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott, referring to a period when education leadership in the region garnered news attention and “drama”, “Two predecessors before me there was a lot of uncertainty and he left under a cloud. Then there was an NDSU president who flew to the Obama inauguration, and then the people who knew [and] were in the know, the board had to remove that person. And then there was some turmoil at UND.”

Although none of the policies or ideas are yet in effect, Chancellor Hagerott stated that more detailed preparations should be anticipated in the upcoming months. NDUS is anticipated to reconvene with the State Board of Higher Education to obtain further input as more details become accessible.