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NDSU provides students with a fun method of stress relief



Fargo, North Dakota – Many freshmen are feeling the pressure of beginning their college careers as NDSU has begun school.

Although a furry companion does not usually welcome you to school, one did on that particular Wednesday afternoon.

The university’s counseling department is overseen in part by Bill Burns, who claims that everyone on campus enjoys the animals.

“There are horses and dogs and that type of thing. So people can help bring the stress down and everything. The students love to be with them.”

The animals with fur went to the university to celebrate the opening of the counseling center. Everything is there to help new students acclimatize to what may be a difficult time, including various dogs and miniature horses.

“They help bring the stress down for what can be a stressful time,” Burns said. “The students love being with them.”

While having animals on campus is entertaining, according to the faculty, it also gives students the opportunity to learn more about the center’s other offerings.

“It’s very good we try to get them at least a few times a year at least,” Burns said. “If we can help them with their depression and anxiety, the more we can help and the more they can be successful.”