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NDHP police car struck by a semi-truck on I-94 close to Hebron; no injuries



Morton County, North Dakota – At about nine o’clock on Monday night, a semi-trailer on I-94 eastbound near Hebron struck a vehicle belonging to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Near a construction zone with ice-covered roads and just the left lane open after a recent semi-jackknife collision, a trooper was directing traffic.

According to the NDHP, the trailer struck the trooper’s patrol car after the semi lost control while changing lanes. The trooper was not hurt and was safely seated in the car while fastened in a seatbelt.

The semi reportedly came to a temporary halt, drove off, and was eventually found by another officer, according to the NDHP.

The semi’s driver received citations for reckless driving, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, and fleeing the scene of a reportable collision.