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Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative receives a roughly $16 million grant from FEMA for winter storm damage in 2022



Williston, North Dakota – To reimburse Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative for their infrastructure repairs following the April blizzard of last year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency granted grant funding.

The cooperative was approved roughly $15.8 million, according to the government.

According to Alex Vournas, chief operating officer, the sum pays for almost 75% of the entire damages resulting from the winter storm that occurred in April. More than 3,000 electricity poles were destroyed, and some people lost power for a month as a result.

“This assistance is really important for our members. An extra $16 million that’s unbudgeted would take rate hikes to cover that expense. This keeps the cost manageable,” said Vournas.

According to a press statement from FEMA, the state was given more than $58 million in relief for the hurricane.