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Monitoring calls for drug overdoses to Minot PD this year



Minot, North Dakota – At the end of the month is Overdose Awareness Day, and Minot is doing better than it did last year in terms of opioid overdoses.

According to Minot Police Chief John Klug, there have already been 39 calls this year compared to 28 about this time last year.

Nevertheless, he claimed that more people overdosed and died last year.

Klug suggested that it might be as a result of increased awareness of the usage of Narcan on the scene.

“We’re in a better place now than we were three years ago. There’s more help now than there was three years ago, so all those things contribute to how we come out of this,” said Klug.

In 2021, he claimed, the agency got 48 calls about overdoses.