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Merrick Garland, the attorney general, will head to Fargo on Monday



Fargo, North Dakota – On Monday in Fargo, Attorney General Merrick Garland will meet with law enforcement officers.

The Attorney General will meet with representatives of the federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies while at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of North Dakota. At the beginning, he will provide an introduction.

It takes place on August 21 at 11:15 a.m. Valley News Live will provide coverage you can rely on.

Jeff Sessions’s trip to Fargo in 2018 was the most recent visit by an Attorney General who was still in office.

Sessions visited the state at the time, making him the fourth member of the Trump administration to do it in the previous 12 months.

He was announcing announce the developments in exposing an international drug ring, saying “There can be no doubt, that this is the deadliest drug crisis in the history of this country.”

One fatality in Grand Forks in 2015 served as a major impetus for Sessions’ visit. A UND student named Bailey Henke, 18 overdosed on fentanyl that was made in China.

Law enforcement has accomplished something by exposing the narcotics ring that was importing Chinese-made fentanyl through the mail and across the border. Sessions wasn’t yet ready to declare triumph, though.

“A wild west, too open, border and it needs to be ended. The illegality of the border needs to end for a whole lot of reasons,” Sessions said.