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Major vaccination improvements by summer in Cass County



CASS CO., N.D.  — A legislative conversation with Cass County legislators and local leaders quickly turns to talk about the COVID vaccines.

The most important topic to arise from the virtual session raised the question of where the county stands in terms of vaccinations.

Fargo Mayor Doctor Tim Mahoney says no vaccine is being wasted and with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, Cass County could see major improvements by the summer.

“As far as I know we’ve had no waste of any of the vaccines and now with the Johnson and Johnson coming out we think we’ll get more people vaccinated and what we’re beginning to think is we may have our population vaccinated by the end of June so that would be a huge shift in what’s going on because before it was September-October,” Fargo Mayor, Dr. Tim Mahoney said.

Mahoney says Cass County is currently 25% vaccinated.