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Kennel cough cases are increasing in the Fargo/Moorhead metro area



Fargo, North Dakota – Experts advise dog owners to be alert for the symptoms in their pets as the number of kennel cough cases increases throughout the F-M metro area.

Heather Klefstad, Marketing Director at Homeward Animal Shelter says, “If you notice your dogs are starting to hack a little bit, it’s kind of a honking noise cough. You want to be mindful of that and keep them inside. Get them to the vet.”

Prairie Winds Veterinary Center’s owner and veterinarian, Alicia Wisnewski, reports that they’ve observed a lot of drainage from the nose and eyes, a lot of coughing that doesn’t go away, and some of the animals have high fevers and aren’t eating.

Because the illness can be transmitted between dogs by direct contact or airborne virus particles, experts encourage dog owners to take extra care.

Because of the increasing number of cases, officials at Homeward Animal Shelter said they are not allowing their dogs to appear in public for adoption.