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Kelly Armstrong, a congressman from North Dakota, believes Kevin McCarthy deserves to be the next House Speaker



Fargo, North Dakota – Kelly Armstrong, a congressman from North Dakota, was questioned if Kevin McCarthy should be chosen as the House’s new speaker.

“I think he does. He’s worked as hard as anybody, navigated a tumultuous time and raises as much money, I think he’s been if not to every member’s district, to just about every member’s district and has the most relationships across as broad a section of the conference as anybody,” said Armstrong.

Relationships on the Republican side, according to the congressman, will be important throughout the upcoming legislative session, especially with a five-vote advantage. According to Armstrong, the speaker election is scheduled for January 3.

The possibility of the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives also excites Armstrong.

“I really am excited for the American people, I’m excited for North Dakota. I’m on the Energy Subcommittee in Energy and Commerce and I can tell you, just the whole tone and tenor of what we want to do with American energy and North Dakota energy is going to change significantly,” said Armstrong.