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North Dakota

Is North Dakota among the most intelligent states?



Bismarck, North Dakota – People generally think that some states are smarter than others, especially those with higher populations and more tech-based companies. The public’s perception of which states have these higher IQs is not always accurate, even while this can be true in terms of average IQ and test results. However, as seen by test scores and literacy rates, North Dakota is a highly intelligent and hardworking state, even if it places a greater emphasis on industry and agriculture.

The free online education platform Guru99 examined six distinct indicators in each region to determine which states are the smartest in the union: average IQ, graduation rates, the proportion of the population with low literacy rates, average SAT scores, GDP per capita, and the share of states without a high school diploma. Following that, each of these elements was assigned a score of ten, which was then added together to provide a final score out of sixty.

North Dakota, along with a few other states in the American Midwest, were found to have intellect levels above average when the individual scores of each state were compared to one another.

The Peace Garden State ranks sixth in the country for intelligence when all the variables under investigation are taken into account, per the report. Similar to Montana, North Dakota is renowned for having both an extremely high graduation rate of 93.6% and exceptional SAT scores, with an average score of 1212 as the norm. In addition, with an average of $66,184 in goods generated per person, North Dakotans produce more GDP per capita than those in most other states. A comparable claim may be made for South Dakota, which similarly has a high GDP per person of $65,806 and a 93.05% graduation rate.

“Education in the United States is the cornerstone of individual empowerment and societal progress,” states Guru99’s Founder and CEO Krishna Rungta. “It is a dynamic force that not only imparts knowledge, but shapes character, cultivates critical thinking, and ignites the flames of curiosity. America is home to many of the greatest educational institutions across the globe; as one of the world’s largest economies and powerhouses in industry and innovation, it’s pivotal that every generation continues to learn and develop, to progress the foundations that have already been built in the country. Smartness is easy to quantify, however, this does not attest to the spectrum of talents and skills that every person is capable of learning across a broad range of topics. Even after college, the internet has opened up a vast array of opportunities for growth and development that could progress careers further, or enable people to learn new skills and discover new passions.”

Visit the websites of the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, or any other nearby educational institution to find out about continuing education options in your town.