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In court, City of Fargo is battling the state over gun regulations



Fargo, North Dakota – On January 12, the state of North Dakota and the City of Fargo faced off at the Cass County courthouse. Citing constitutional issues, city officials are requesting a decision on whether a new state law can supersede the City of Fargo’s ban on gun sales in residential zones.

Governor Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1340 into law in April 2023, prohibiting local governments from passing any zoning laws about the sale of firearms. The Fargo City Commission then decided unanimously in June to sue the state over that particular law.

Representing the City of Fargo is Attorney Peter Zuger. He says, ”It’s two-fold it’s really for the ability of Fargo to zone relating to the sale of firearms and where those happen, but it’s also for the general health safety, and welfare of the citizens of the City of Fargo.”

The city is currently awaiting the judge’s written ruling, which is anticipated in the next ninety days. Following that, there is a chance that the case will be appealed to the Supreme Court of North Dakota.