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Impact of hit-and-run on Grand Forks’ small businesses



Fargo, North Dakota – Another hit-and-run occurs in the Red River Valley over the weekend. This particular incident in Grand Forks involved a tiny firm.

“When he hit the car you can see the car bounce forward and everything,” said David Hettich, a co-owner of Galaxy Auto Sales off Gateway Dr. “It’s frustrating, it’s a time investment, repair the vehicle.”

On February 26, a truck can be seen colliding with the back of a car in the parking lot. Without stopping to examine the damage, the driver drives away from the scene. Their vehicles at Galaxy Car Sales have been struck before. Hettich claims that a truck ran through the crossroads a few years ago, flipping onto their cars. The fact that the culprit fled the scene makes the scenario more difficult to accept this time around.

“I don’t know I guess it comes with being on a high-traffic intersection but it’s frustrating not being able to get justice for stuff like that.” said Hettich.

The automaker claimed that after alerting the authorities, all that is left is for the offender to take responsibility for their acts.

“I would hope they would reach out to us, maybe we can talk through our insurance information and get this settled.” said Hettich.