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North Dakota

I-29 reopens from Fargo to the border with Canada



Fargo, North Dakota – North and southbound lanes of Interstate 29 have been reopened from Fargo to the Canadian border by the North Dakota Highway Patrol and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). For the Grand Forks region, no travel is advised.

Due to stuck automobiles, blowing snow, treacherous road conditions, and nearly zero visibility, the road was blocked early on Saturday morning.

Road conditions throughout North Dakota are still affected by ice, so drivers are advised to drive cautiously and slowly and to keep a greater distance between other cars. Additionally, drivers need to be aware of slow-moving snowplows. A snow cloud produced by a snowplow may swiftly completely obscure the view. Take advantage of the freed road and fight the impulse to let go.

You may get more details about the state of the roads in North Dakota by calling 511 or by visiting the ND Roads map at