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Grand Forks voters approve the planned sports facility



Grand Forks, North Dakota – On Tuesday, Grand Forks voters approved the proposed aquatics center and sports facility.

In a special election, voters were asked to determine whether to keep the 3/4-percent sales tax in place, which is presently being collected for the Alerus Center, once it expires in 2029.

According to city authorities, the building of an indoor turf, aquatics, and court complex as well as capital maintenance initiatives at Alerus Center will be funded by those monies.

According to preliminary findings, 2,358 voters supported the change, while 1,190 voters opposed it. According to city officials, 3,552 persons cast ballots.

Results, according to city officials, will be certified on Monday, November 27. But generally, they say, the outcomes of the initial canvassing meeting remain unchanged.

Tuesday, November 14, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., polls were open at the Alerus Center.

Altru committed $10 million to the proposed facility last week.