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Governor Burgum plans his fundraising and campaign-related travel



Fargo, North Dakota – Doug Burgum, the governor of North Dakota, formally declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

Governor Doug Burgum officially declared his candidacy for president in Fargo in front of a packed audience of supporters, setting a North Dakota political record.

“My husband, and our governor, the next president of the United States, Doug Burgum,” First Lady Kathryn Burgum said as she introduced the governor.

“I literally bet the farm to turn a small startup into a billion-dollar company in North Dakota,” Gov. Burgum said.

Burgum made a significant wager on Wednesday by declaring his candidacy for president.

“I think it’s fair to call it a long shot. It’s a crowded field with a lot of candidates. Some are stronger than others. But he brings a perspective I think is unique to the field. He brings a style that’s a problem-solving style, he’s not a bomb thrower,” stated Senator Jonathan Sickler from Grand Forks said.

However, that did not imply that the governor’s message was weak. His campaign motto is “a new leader for a changing economy,” a market that President Joe Biden is failing, according to Burgum.

“And the Biden administration enacts policies that make us more dependent on foreign oil. That makes no sense. American families are struggling under the weight of record inflation. And the response from Democrats, increase the size of the IRS to target more Americans,” Gov. Burgum said.

In his first campaign address, Burgum bragged about his upbringing in Arthur’s small-town culture and how he’d draw on that work ethic to launch a grassroots campaign to gain support from the majority of Americans.

“That’s going to win him over to the national populace. Not fighting or attacking Trump or his fellow candidates, but to run on a ticket,” Burgum supporter Lee Christoferson said. “And that’s the only thing that’ll elect him.”

The governor’s speech lasted just under a half-hour in total, and several of his supporters offered their congratulations afterward. Donald Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned once during the entire speech. Supporters assert that this is no coincidence. According to them, Burgum’s best course of action is to lead with a message of optimism and small-town virtues. And they claim that he was successful in Fargo.

In the upcoming month, Burgum is anticipated to make some of his first campaign stops in Iowa and New Hampshire. On August 23 in Milwaukee, the first GOP presidential debate will take place.

Burgum must collect 40,000 distinct donations from at least 20 states and achieve 1% support in three national polls in order to be eligible.