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North Dakota

Golfers from Mandan have dominated WDA competitions so far this fall



Mandan, North Dakota – Ellee Rybchinski of Bottineau wins the Region 4 golf competition, and Meadow Roberts is chosen a senior athlete.

“It’s been a joy to watch them work, and I’ve never had a group of kids work this hard,” said Dean Johs, Mandan’s head coach.

The Braves’ effort is beginning to bear fruit. This fall, Mandan has won every WDA golf event.

“Our group of seniors, I remember sitting them down when they were 8th graders and painting the picture of where we thought they could go, and it’s coming true. It’s probably better than what we thought,” said Johs.

“When we were starting in 8th grade, it was said our senior year is going to be a big year for us and that we need to put in the work and keep working hard so we can have the best year possible,” said Rylee Myers, Mandan senior.

Mandan senior Anna Huettl has won medals in every conference competition. Even though that is fantastic, Coach Johs claims he can count on the entire team to chip in.

“The hard part to the depth is it’s hard having all those girls fighting for positions, because I have 10 that really could play varsity and they got to fight for six spots and they’re doing that every day,” said Johs.

“On each team, there are six golfers that they can take the score from, and the top four scores, and it doesn’t matter the ranking, but the top four scores are what they take. And as the team score, that’s what you total,” said Ruby Heydt, Mandan senior.

At the Class-A state tournament at the Grand Forks Country Club in three weeks, the score that matters the most will be determined.

“We went down there in the summer to see the course and practice there. I played there a couple of times over the summer. I played in a tournament there, and I know we’re planning on going down there as a team to play there and get ready for state,” said Huettl.

The crown will be difficult to win.

“We pull us after each tournament. We pull us, the scores of Red River and Davies. And we go, we have a way to go because they’re ahead of us still, their average is better than us,” said Johs.

Before the West Region at Tom-O’Leary Golf Course later this month, three more conference tournaments are scheduled. Grand Forks will host the Class-A state tournament on October 1-2.