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For a local man who has only months to live, the community joins together



West Fargo, North Dakota – Fargo resident Eric Meyer is receiving an incredible amount of support from the F-M region during a difficult time.

When Eric was sixteen years old, a brain tumor was initially identified in him. To stop the tumor from growing, he has had multiple operations and prescriptions, but the medication was stopped in the early spring of this year.

The event was arranged by Brandon Trupka and Scott Larrabee. In different ways, they have both been friends with Eric for a long time. They planned a benefit and LendAHand for the family.

“Eric, he’s a great guy,” Larrabee said. “To benefit his family, to raise money to help him with any medical cost that they might have, and to get them through this really, really tough time as Eric has recently received a very rough prognosis. Unfortunately, his doctors say he only has anymore from up to three months to live.”

The community rallied on Friday night at the West Fargo VFW to support Eric and his family, particularly his wife Megan and their two children, Jack and Amelia.

There was a raffle and a silent auction. The family will receive a direct benefit from the event’s revenues as they prepare for the next phase of their lives.

“It’s been amazing,” Trupka said. “You know, whether it’s just this time of year and people feel more giving but it hasn’t stopped and it’s been amazing to watch.”

They’ve already had donations online totaling about $30,000, which the organizers claim is unbelievable.

“To the people who have already helped, it’s meant the world to us, and the family is just in awe of all the help that’s already come in,” Larrabee said.

In addition, Eric’s friends were there to share his legacy with everyone, even if he was unable to see it for himself.

“He’s the type of guy that when you are around him, you instantly can connect and you know that this is a real person,” Trupka said.