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Following the regional ice storm, first responders encourage people to remove gas meters and exhaust vents



West Fargo, North Dakota – Local first responders are alerting locals to the possibility of ice buildup, which, if left untreated, could cause damage to properties.

Buildup on gas meters and exhaust vents can pose a safety risk if improperly managed, according to the West Fargo Fire Department.

Carbon monoxide poisoning could result from gas leaks or other appliance problems caused by the accumulation.

Authorities request that people refrain from using shovels or hammers to remove the accumulated ice and snow and instead clear a three-foot space around intake tubes and vents.

“Carefully remove ice and snow from gas meters and vents using a broom, your hands or a soft brushed tool,” said West Fargo Fire Marshal Dell Sprecher. “After any winter weather, it is important to inspect all meters and vents to ensure they remain clear of both snow and ice.”