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Fishing in North Dakota has reached record levels



Fargo, North Dakota – According to North Dakota Game and Fish, this year has seen a record amount of fish taken in the state.

“We’ve seen the fishing in North Dakota turn into nothing short of legendary. The fishing has been just off the chart. It’s been fantastic,” Game and Fish biologist Doug Leier said.

According to Leier, good water conditions are one factor in outstanding fishing, and North Dakota currently enjoys some of the best water conditions the state has ever known.

These excellent water conditions allowed North Dakota fisherman to catch a record number of fish between May and July.

“We really kind of try to tell people we’re living in the good old days,” Leier said. “When it comes to fishing, this is what we’re going to be talking about when generations are telling their kids and their grandkids about how great the fishing was back in the good old days.”