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Fargo will soon get new affordable homes



Fargo, North Dakota – The Lashkowitz Riverfront Projects and the Milton Earl Apartments will soon be bringing more low-income housing to Fargo.

The city wants to take the lead on a project to develop these kinds of housing and motivate adjacent communities.

“We’re also going to invite the rest of the community, Moorhead, Horace, West Fargo,” Mayor Tim Mahoney said. “All of us have to start participating in how we build affordable housing for the community.”

The Milton Earl site was shown to Sen. John Hoeven and representatives from the city of Fargo.

“We’ve got to think about the human aspect of it,” Hoeven said. “We’re talking about somebody who is low-income. Maybe an elderly couple comes off the farm or wherever maybe to be close to family. Not only does it have to be housing, it has to be a nice place to live.”

A 42-unit affordable housing development called the Milton Earl building will be located in the heart of Fargo and cater to residents aged 62 and above.

A 110-unit apartment building called The Riverfront will house low-income adults and families.

Both locations will have communal spaces, rooftop patios, and fitness centers.

“This is nice housing,” Hoeven said. “This is a place where you want to live. Sometimes you go to the cities and you see that low-income housing and you think, jeez nobody would ever want to live there.”

Tax credits and Section 8 vouchers for rent assistance are among these new housing possibilities.

As the community expands, according to Mahoney, it’s critical to resolve these housing issues.

“Just the beauty of what we built and what comes out. It kind of touches your heart,” Mahoney said.

In December, The Milton Earl Apartments are scheduled to open.