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Fargo Small Businesses come together for the Love Your Local Small Business Expo’s Holiday Edition



Fargo, North Dakota – This past weekend, Fargo’s best small businesses were on display for the Love Your Local Small Business Expo Holiday Edition.

At the biennial fair, hundreds of people from Moorhead and Fargo explored neighborhood businesses and sampled out various samples.

Every year, Love Your Local chooses a charity to donate to as well. Friends of the Children was the theme this year.

adore your nearby Fargo Moorhead assists nearby small companies in showcasing their goods to a wider audience.

Moe Kovaci, co-director of Love Your Local, stated. “It’s Honestly feels amazing, makes our hearts fill just by seeing how many good people their is in the world as well as small businesses. A lot of people are coming to support them and learning about them so for us it means a lot. So that’s why we do it and we are on it.”