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Fargo Police is expanding its Traffic Safety Unit with six more officers



Fargo, North Dakota – To improve community safety and enforce traffic regulations more strictly, the Fargo Police Department is expanding its Traffic Safety Unit by adding six more officers.

“The Fargo Police Department and members of the community have shared ongoing concerns related to illegal driving behaviors and, as a result, the dangers posed to the public. To address these concerns, the FPD applied for a federal grant to facilitate the addition of the Traffic Safety Unit. These officers will focus on creating safer roadways for the public, which includes motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. It truly will impact our entire community; this is a great addition to our department,” stated Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney.

Over three years, the six officers’ salaries and benefits will be partially funded by a $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. The remaining amount will be covered by the City of Fargo. The group of sworn Fargo Police officers will have these new members.

Currently, the Neighborhood Services Division responds to service requests and conducts traffic enforcement details as time permits to enforce driving regulations. A Traffic Safety Unit, according to Chief Dave Zibolski, will enable the police force to systematically enforce traffic laws.

“The long-term strategy for the Traffic Safety Unit is to help reduce dangerous driving behaviors and increase public safety in our community,” Chief Zibolski said. “The unit will strive to proactively enforce traffic laws, educate the public to deter violations, utilize data to prevent traffic crashes, and reduce impaired driving.”

It is anticipated that the Traffic Safety Unit will become noticeable in the neighborhood starting in the fall of 2024.