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Fargo bar forced to pay $500 fine for breaking city regulations



Fargo, North Dakota – On the agenda for the city’s liquor control board meeting on Wednesday afternoon was a well-known downtown Fargo bar.

Regarding minors in the pub, the board was following up with District 64.

Owners and employees claim to be doing their best, but minors continue to utilize phony IDs and are coming up with new ways to enter.

They claim that anybody may order a fake with their true names and addresses for around $100, and the quality is also quite high.

District 64 claims that in order to fight this, security constantly mans the entry while wearing body cameras and an ID scanner.

“On really good fake ID’s, when you scan it, the barcode actually brings up all of their information and their birthday is 21,” staff say. “So, we still check the ID physically because there are still telltale signs of a fake.”

According to the owners, they take extreme security precautions to establish the tone for the downtown pub scene. They assert that they have taken security seriously from the start and that they don’t take their liquor license for granted.

“When we opened, we started wanding people from the day we opened,” Owners Chuck and Reeno Ilogu said. “They called us ghetto. No, I’m a college graduate. I have a business administration degree from VCSU. He does too. I’m not ghetto.”

Anyone having a phony, according to District 64, will be barred from the pub. Every visitor is checked with a metal detector, their ID is scanned, and they check the list to make sure they haven’t been banned before allowing them entry.

District 64 did, however, break Fargo code, according to the liquor control board. The owners are required to pay a $500 fine because it is their first offense.