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Expert on cars discusses the risks of driving in fog and how to prevent it



Bismarck, North Dakota – Fog-related auto accidents increase in the spring and fall, particularly following an early-season snowfall, according to local auto experts.

According to Kirk Kinard, store manager of Trusted Tire and Auto in south Bismarck, fog may drastically reduce vision, and customers aren’t always aware of how to operate their vehicles in it.

According to him, lighting is the most crucial component to get right, especially your fog light.

The fog light is the lowest light on your bumper and is usually found on more recent models of cars. The button that activates them resembles a bulb with rays pointing downward.

“These fog lights are designed to point downward, so you can still see the roadway and not be blinded by the reflection of what it is hitting, whether it’s fog, snow or heavy rain,” said Kinard.

It’s crucial to remember, according to Kinard, that if your lights are on “auto,” your fog light will not activate.

Additionally, he claims that when driving in fog, using your high beams can actually make visibility much worse.