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North Dakota

Even though certain areas of North Dakota are experiencing a drought, the canola crop is predicted to surpass expectations



Bismarck, North Dakota – Although most of North Dakota had a difficult growing season, canola crop yields appear to be better than anticipated.

According to the Northern Canola Growers Association, the largest yield this year was 3,500 pounds per acre, a record high for the crop in North Dakota. Statewide average canola yields are turning out to be greater than what the crop condition assessment indicated this year.

While farmers in places nearer Bismarck received more rain, farmers in many other sections of the state struggled with dryness. This year’s average crop output was predicted to be 1,700 pounds per acre due to the drought. But as of right now, the lowest yield is about 2,200 pounds per acre.

Thus far, North Dakota has gathered 1,880,000 pounds of canola; the total amount harvested across the US is 2,244,500 pounds. According to NDSU data, the state saw 85% of domestic output in the country. This indicates that North Dakota has currently collected almost 83% of all canola in the country.

In the next weeks, the canola harvesting season comes to an end. By clicking this link, you can learn more about the canola crop.