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North Dakota

ER in Minot is operating normally despite a bitter cold affecting a pipe



Minot, North Dakota – According to a statement from a healthcare practitioner, the freezing temperatures on Saturday caused a frozen pipe at the Emergency Trauma Center on the Trinity Health medical campus.

According to the statement, the facilities team was able to handle the problem and the frozen pipe did not affect the water inside the building.

The provider said, “Temperatures in the hospital are holding steady at reasonable levels.”

In April 2023, the medical complex in southwest Minot opened.

The complete statement from Trinity Health is as follows:

“The Arctic air that has brought dangerously cold wind chills to the region impacted a water pipe at Trinity Hospital. Facilities Management officials say a pipe in the Emergency Trauma Center froze as a result of the extreme cold. There were no issues with water inside the building, and the situation was manageable. Temperatures in the hospital are holding steady at reasonable levels while the Facilities team meets the challenges of the frigid air.”