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Employment opportunities for people with disabilities



Minot, North Dakota – It can take time and research to find a job that is a good fit.

People with severe intellectual limitations can nonetheless get employment using the same methods.

Your News Leader investigates how difficult it can be for persons with a variety of developmental problems to find a job that pays well.

Since 2006, Emily Paulson has been a part-time employee of Kalix’s washing facility. She claimed that she preferred drying over folding as a task.

She said that she went shopping when asked what she does with her money.

Particularly, her income is determined by how productive she is. She is coworkers with individuals who range in ability and those who are not disabled. The goal of Kalix, according to CEO Borgi Beeler, is to provide each employee with work that is both in-house and community-based and is a good fit for them.

“Anybody with a disability it could be an extra challenge to find the right job that works for them,” said Beeler.

A custodial contract with Minot Air Force Base, work in recycling, a bakery, and other Kalix facilities are among Margaret Meckle’s previous employments. She then had multiple work trials with the assistance of a Kalix employee before receiving an offer of a part-time position with regular pay from the Moose Lodge.

“I like the people there,” said Meckle.

Beeler claimed that because they occasionally encounter challenges, the shift from sub-minimum to regular salaries isn’t always smooth. Every situation is unique. She claimed that in order to learn what functions, they need Kalix’s operating facilities.

“I’ve got lots of success stories of people working for full wage employment, either with support for another employee, another employer, or on a business that Kalix owns,” said Beeler.

According to Beeler, they invest weeks to months in a research process during which they look for community partners and learn what excites and inspires the individual with particular requirements.