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Early September was when several Høstfest volunteers began their work



Minot, North Dakota – To get ready for Høstfest, thousands of volunteers were needed.

One of the lead volunteers, Theresa Loftesnes, stated she has been volunteering for too many years to count.

In April, she began recruiting ushers for concerts, boutiques, and souvenir shops.

She reports for duty early and works through the festival’s closure with a few other people.

She is able to step away from her workstation every now and again.

“I just got to see Daniel O’Donnell sing one song, because I really, really enjoy him, and my mom enjoys him. Just needing to sneak in to have that memory, too, so it’s all great,” said Loftesnes.

According to her, almost 2,700 volunteers work for churches, the military, and other groups in various capacities.