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Due to stress and outside health concerns, Fargo’s Dogg Pound announced its closure



Fargo, North Dakota – A hotdog stand in Fargo’s downtown is closing its doors.

The Dogg Pound’s owner, Jessica Torres, posted a notice about the shutdown on social media. She cites health issues with her spouse as one of the main reasons for closing their doors, along with the high cost of food items.

“If you saw my husband you would have noticed his oxygen tank. Going into this business we were under the assumption that we could work this and make it work as we were anticipating his double lung transplant this year. A month ago we were informed he has to wait two years longer because of a lung cancer diagnoses,” said Torres in a social media post, “We decided to spend more time together (not stressed out!) I didn’t think it was anyone’s business. I was honestly just over it all. the stress the cost of food isn’t worth my sanity. So I apologize to my loyal customers. owning a business in Fargo isn’t for the faint-hearted.”

On July 6th, the establishment formally closed its doors, with a note on the door announcing a summertime shift to a food trailer.