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Dog on 25th Street coaxed out from under a car by a number of people



Fargo, North Dakota – A group of about six individuals gathered to assist in saving a dog that had crashed into 25th Street S. on Wednesday morning in Fargo.

The story started when a local woman in Rose Creek noticed a little, dark-colored dog wandering around. The dog bolted into the street as the woman was attempting to control it.

When the car came to a stop, the dog went undercover.

Fargo Police was called by the woman. The call was answered by Community Service Officer Laverne Buzick.

“We just all worked together and were able to get the pup out from underneath the car, and out of the traffic and contained,” Buzick said. “Now, I’ll take it to the pound and check for a microchip. We’ll monitor and see if we can figure out where this puppy came from.”

Although Buzick stated that they don’t want people on the street, this instance was unique in that everything was taking on there.

“This vehicle was obviously in the driving lane with cars going by, but there was nowhere for anybody to really go with the dog stuck under the car,” Buzick said.

It was a fantastic team effort, according to Buzick, who expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted with traffic management and persuaded the dog to come out.

After being pricked by the dog, one person went to get the injuries examined.

The dog seems to be a chihuahua mix, according to Buzick. Although she was afraid, her body was good. Finding the owner and obtaining immunization records is the ultimate goal, according to Buzick.