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Director of Minot Utilities talks about new positions



Minot, North Dakota – Up until a few days ago, the director of public works in Minot and his assistant oversaw more than ten distinct agencies.

The city council made the decision to split the duties and establish a new job.

The assistant director of public works, Jason Sorenson, was appointed utility director.

About 155 people work for Minot Public Works, and they are all heavily involved with finances.

Water, sewer, sanitation, the landfill, and the water treatment plant will all fall within Sorenson’s purview.

Dan Jonasson, director of public works, is retiring, and Sorenson will step in until a replacement is found.

This person will be in charge of managing the development and upkeep of flood infrastructure in addition to streets, storm sewers, property maintenance, transit, the shop, and Rosehill Cemetery.

We’ll keep working to try to deliver the services that people want, Sorenson said. “The five departments that fall under me I’ll continue to keep an eye on them and help with the superintendents.”

Furthermore, according to Sorenson, a new department for flood control, operation, and maintenance would be established soon.