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North Dakota

Dickinson Extension Center advises conducting a soil test



Dickinson, North Dakota – We are about halfway through, and farmers are working hard in the fields getting ready for harvest.

The extension service suggests soil testing as fields are joined.

“We recommend a zero-to-six-inch soil test for your nitrogen phosphorous, potassium, your organic matter, probably your electric conductivity, that’s what measures the salts,” said Chris Augustin, NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center Director.

According to Augustin, these testing might help farmers get a sense of their properties. According to him, the extension center’s soybean and wheat crops are yielding well because there is a lot of moisture present. But their canola didn’t perform as well, he continues.

He claims that there is a narrow window for ideal conditions for North Dakotan farmers.

“We do have some of the harshest climates in the world for growing season. We have short and dry growing seasons compared to other areas and colder than a lot of other areas,” said Augustin.

Farmers have called Augustin a few times, he claims, inquiring about soil fertility and testing.

Call or visit the Extension Center if you’re interested in learning more.

According to Augustin, crops in the southwest should yield healthy amounts of produce.