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Despite the blizzard, the FM Legion Riders and the Fargo Memorial Guard tidy up the Fargo National Cemetery



Fargo, North Dakota – It was time to tidy up the wreaths at Fargo National Cemetery now that the Christmas season had passed, even if it meant gathering them on a windy January morning.

A portion of Saturday morning was dedicated to clearing the cemetery by members of the FM Legion Riders and the Fargo Memorial Guard. The group of 50 spent around 20 minutes removing the wreaths that were placed on the grave sites as part of the annual “Wreaths Across America.”

“I think normally on a nicer day, of course, we’d have a huge turnout, but we still have a lot of people still coming, so we’ll still get it done in a short time,” FM Legion Riders Assistant Director Marc Simonet said.

Some found it challenging to travel to the cemetery due to the weather, which included wind chills in the negatives and blowing snow. Low visibility and a whiteout made it challenging to get to the rural graveyard due to the circumstances.

Those that did show up were in excellent spirits despite the circumstances. According to Fargo Memorial Guard commander Jason Hicks, enduring inclement weather is a wonderful way to honor veterans.

“We had marines that fought at the frozen Chosin Reservoir in conditions just like this. We’re out here picking up wreaths, we’re not in combat – we’re picking up wreaths – but that’s why we do what we do,” he said.

Hicks and Simonet expressed their gratitude to everyone who came out to assist today. They saw the occasion as a great chance to help veterans and their families and give back to the cemetery.

“You look at a day like today, and it just really gives us thanks that we have such a dedicated community out here and that we’re out here in all conditions, all kinds of weather and this just proves it – we have good people to help us,” Hicks said.