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Defendant declines to testify in the Minot murder case



Grand Forks, North Dakota – The Grand Forks Correctional Facility’s inmates have expressed worries about the caliber of the food being provided, citing spoilt milk and inadequate quantities as urgent problems.

The prisoners’ anger can be seen building in a video they posted as they complain about the poor food they feel is being served.

Inmates can be seen lining up in the video one after another to air their complaints. One inmate passionately exclaims, “This is our third grievance; they’re not feeding us, we’re starving in here.”

Natasha Hayes, whose relative is presently incarcerated there, applauds individuals who have decided to band together and speak out.

“Despite what they’ve done to be in there, they still need to eat,” Hayes said.

From within the prison, it appears that the convicts have come to a consensus regarding the food: they are all worried about it.

“They’re starving us, they’re serving us spoiled milk that’s rotten, and there aren’t enough portions of the food,” another inmate said in the video.

Hayes remembers when she first learned of the emergence of these problems.

“It first started with the spoiled milk in the morning,” Hayes said. “The milk has been spoiled every day for weeks.”

Inmates, regardless of their circumstances, deserve better treatment, according to those on the outside, like Hayes.

“They’re not asking for steak and lobster, obviously,” Hayes said. “but they’re somebody’s children. And no matter what they did, they still deserve to be treated as human beings.”