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Day 1 of second mass COVID-19 testing event at the FARGODOME



Cars lined up in the parking lot of the FARGODOME for the second drive-thru Coronavirus testing event in Fargo in just over a week. Testing was open to anyone who has been working through the pandemic and those who have had close contact with a positive case.

“We know that the virus is more prevalent than we have for numbers right now so we want to make sure we can identify people and get them in quarantine,” said Desi Fleming, Fargo Cass Public Health Director.

According to Fargo Cass Public Health, the goal for the 2-day event is to test up to 1000 people. Fargo mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney said testing won’t stop here.

“We may test every week as it goes through the summer just to see what’s going on and what happens in our community,” said Dr. Mahoney.

Dr. Mahoney said the number of positive cases is not doubling in North Dakota, unlike other places in the country. As restrictions for bars, gyms, and restaurants have eased, the main goal now for city leaders is to track what will happen.

“With the opening and losing the restrictions we do expect to see a little bit of an increase but again the goal is to find those positives and act appropriately,” explained Fleming.

Both Fleming and Dr. Mahoney said it is Governor Doug Burgum’s initiative to get more drive-thru sites up and running throughout the state. Dr. Mahoney said that finding a vaccine is what it will take for life to get back to normal in the city of Fargo.

“I think when we finally get a vaccine we will all feel comfortable and safe and I’m very encouraged about that,” Dr. Mahoney said. “I’m hoping we will have a vaccine by the fall.”

The goal with events like this is preemptive: to identify where positive cases may be coming from, trace those cases, and prevent any hotspots in the city.

A similar event was held on Sunday in Gwinner. Day 2 of testing will begin Monday at 1 P.M. and last until 5:30 P.M. It will be open to those that have worked through the pandemic, and anyone who has come in contact with someone with the virus.