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COVID-19 booster shots now available to North Dakota teenagers



COVID-19 booster shots now available to North Dakota teenagers

Bismarck, North Dakota – COVID-19 booster shots are now available to 16 and 17-year-olds in North Dakota.

This is in accordance with CDC recommendations since health experts believe that COVID-19 infections will resume their rising trajectory. Cases in our state are now on the decline, but experts believe that may change as soon as next week.

North Dakota health officials said they’re concerned about Christmas parties and the Omicron variant. There were no examples of the Omicron variation in North Dakota until now. Health experts are impressed by the large number of individuals who have come to be vaccinated.

“If you have held out this long, it’s not too late, come in and get it. We’re also doing a lot of booster doses. With the Omicron variant, the CDC’s stand on booster doses has strengthened saying they want everybody to get a booster so get in here and get a booster,” said Lacey McNichols, a nurse with First District Public Health.

You are eligible for a booster if it’s been six months since your last Pfizer or Moderna vaccination series and two months since your last Johnson and Johnson vaccine.