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Community leaders suggest upgrading the BisMan region



Bismarck, North Dakota – At the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC, local leaders convened to discuss new initiatives that will benefit our communities.

The Mandan sledding slope, a financial literacy course in our schools, and the BSC blue light security system were the three projects that were considered.

The financial literacy project will develop a learning environment that will enable high school pupils to practice employing practical financial literacy abilities.

“The value of in-state tuition versus out-of-state tuition,” clarified Elliot Rust with Seafoam International. “And we also coupled that with a program called ‘Reality Check’ –which is a free program that teaches students their expenses.”

The portal also informs students about the various employment prospects they might pursue while still pursuing their degree, as well as how many firms will assist students in covering the expense of their higher education.

“A lot of those students didn’t understand that,” said Rust. “That there are employers that have such a demand for some of these roles that they are willing to help with the education cost.”

The Blue Light Emergency Systems was the topic of discussion after that. One group seeks to adopt safety and security measures, such as the blue light poles, which are present on other college campuses like Minot State and the University of North Dakota, to enhance public safety and security on and around Bismarck State College’s campus.

“The blue light project came out of a love for community,” said Escrow Closing Officer, Courtney Hamilton, “and recognizing as we grow and as our population grows. As campus grows there really is that need to show a commitment to safety and security.”

Blue light safety functions the same as dialing 9-1-1. The only difference is that instead of calling the famous number, you would simply be pressing a button.

“It works like you would do a 9-1-1 call,” Hamilton stated. “It would be a direct call to send com that would dispatch either Bismarck Campus PD between the hours of 8 and 2 or the Bismarck Police Department.”

Another endeavor sought to increase the enjoyment of North Dakota winters just a little bit. That is the origin of the Mandan sledding hill concept. The planned development would turn Mandan into a multifunctional winter leisure area that could also be used for summer pleasure.

“We started off with the idea for a tow rope and tubbing hill,” explained Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Gabrielle Abouassaly, “but recognized that starting with a designated sledding hill and a larger public space rather than directly in a specific neighborhood would provide a good opportunity to provide that space for citizens.”

The Mandan Parks Board gave the go-ahead for the first stage of the sledding hill, with Sunset Park as one potential location. The group contends that having a designated sledding slope will allow families to enjoy themselves in a secure setting.

Despite the fact that each of these projects is concentrating on a different topic, they all aim to improve the Bismarck/Mandan neighborhood.