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CHI Saint Alexius closes deal with local business owners



Bismarck, North Dakota – Great Plains Rehabilitation Services is being run by new management, and Great Plains Restorative Services LLC will be its new name shortly.

A deal to purchase the Great Plains rehab facility has been reached with CHI Saint Alexius by a group of neighborhood businesspeople. When local entrepreneur Steve Herman learned that CHI Saint Alexius intended to sell the rehab services building, he contacted a few acquaintances who are familiar with the business sector in an effort to make a bid for it.

“He contacted his friend, Mark Thompson,” explained Dick Hedahl, one of the new owners of the business. “He owns H.A. Thompson, another long-time business in the Bismarck area. Mark was interested in joining, and then Steve contacted me. As a long-time Bismarck businessman and I was interested as well.”

The company will carry on with its current operations and services in Bismarck. The only significant change that will occur is the name change and owner’s state.

“Great Plains is a durable medical equipment company based in Bismarck,” explained Hedahl. “That means they provide stuff for people who need medical equipment and medical supplies. We are in business as of the 18th of July. We provide respiratory care — things like C-PAP and oxygen — but we also do durable medical equipment like walkers and crutches, and we have a full inventory of medical supplies. These are the kinds of things Great Plains has been doing, and will continue to do and will expand beyond that as the needs arise.”

Hedahl claims that the rehabilitation facility is the only one of its kind in the area and offers a wide range of beneficial services to the local population, including the creation of prosthetics.

He asserts that CHI Saint Alexius is confident in the success of Great Plains Restorative Services LLC as a newly independent business.