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Cass County Sheriff’s Office warns of scam



The Cass County Sheriff’s Office wishes to inform the public of a scam that is making the rounds through the F-M Area and beyond.  Scammers are ‘spoofing’ the phone number of a current deputy sheriff from our office. This is concerning because the call being placed appears to come from a legitimate law enforcement source.    The phone number being used is: (701) 367-4639.

The deputy received multiple call backs from concerned citizens.  Our deputy was advised the responsible individual is rude and is not forthcoming for the reason the call is being made which in turn is frustrating and creating fear amongst those being called.  Fortunately, at the time of this report, our office is unaware of anyone falling victim to the scam.

We want to remind the public to remain vigilant if they receive a phone call from an alleged law enforcement officer and/or agency.  If, at any time, an individual identifies themselves as a deputy from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and they are unprofessional, we encourage you to contact our office allowing us to look into your concern.

An important reminder for the public;

At times, Cass County personnel will place phone calls notifying individuals of a warrant in an attempt to set up a court appearance.  However, under no circumstances is bond payment requested by sheriff’s office personnel over the telephone and/or in any form other than cash.  The Cass County Sheriff’s Office will accept payment on a warrant; however, the bond must be paid in cash and must be done at the court house.  If you have any questions regarding an active warrant and/or the validity of a phone call being notified of an active warrant, the sheriff’s office encourages you to call our warrant division at: (701) 241-1283.