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Campuses adapt to the NDUS TikTok ban



Bismarck, North Dakota – Although TikTok is a well-known social media app, the state university system has forbidden it from being used on its wifi network due to worries that the Chinese government might be using it to acquire strategic information.

TikTok was outlawed at the beginning of the month, so students on college campuses who use the app now have to use their own data.

“We started to implement the technical controls necessary about a week or so before the July first deadline so that we can work our way through the details to better understand if what we were planning to do or is going to work as designed. Through that process. We discovered a few things we made a few modifications,” said Darin R. King, the vice-chancellor of IT/CIO, North Dakota University System.

The alteration is being adapted by the students.

“I think it’s fair that they can do that they can do what they want with their Wi-Fi. But for kids living on campus and they’re connected to that wi-fi 24/7,” said BSC sophomore Morgan Hartze.

Some students fear that the removal of the app by NDUS from all NDUS devices on campuses would have an effect on their academic performance.

“We definitely work with making ads and marketing. So TikTok is obviously a huge platform right now where people are able to reach a big audience really quickly and effectively. So I think it’s just gonna, you know, make it a little bit more challenging,” said BSC sophomore Rhi Wenzel.

When deciding to outlaw the app, the North Dakota Board of Higher Education considered its cybersecurity risks. Some pupils believe that every social networking app is dangerous.

“There are other apps that are doing the same thing. I mean, Facebook, if you look something up, you get an ad for it. 10 minutes later, so I mean, there are other apps doing it. I don’t know how far they’re going with it compared to TikTok, but I mean, your data is out there,” said Hartze.

According to NDUS, the prohibition was well-received on all campuses, and it will continue to be observed until students resume their studies.

According to, Tiktok use on student wifi networks has also been prohibited at dozens of universities around the nation.